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Typically a contract is entered into with the fee structure dependent on the   engagement. The engagement would provide for review and comment with respect to the Business Plan, Executive Summary, Sales Materials and Financial Projections. The preparation of a business plan, an executive summary, sales materials or financial projections is not part of the engagement and is contracted for separately.
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Secure and structure Real Estate Financing
Assess capital structure and debt capacity
Determine and evaluate financing alternatives
Business owners easy access to Financing Options 
Introduction to sources of financing. Financing from $25,000.
Evaluate competing financing proposals
Advise and assist in securing financing options of all kinds such as Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order, Equipment, Leaseback, & 401 K Financing 
Inventory Loans and Business Lending.
Advise and assist in securing expansion and special purpose capital
Advise and assist in re-structuring debt and/or equity


Initiate, evaluate and negotiate acquisitions
Conduct acquisition screens and searches
Assist in post acquisition integration
Initiate, evaluate and negotiate sales


Review and assist in definition of overall corporate development and financing strategy
Search for and filter venture capital funds suitable for your project
Develop and prepare for venture capital presentations
Advise and comment on business plan and/or financial projections
Preparation of business plan, sales materials and/or financial projections
Search for and identify corporate finance opportunities
Provide services of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Analyze and assess joint venture opportunities
Analyze and assess operating and competitive strategies
Conduct searches for and evaluate potential strategic partners
Build and/or strengthen the management team
Search for and identify potential buyers
Assess purchase offers
Business Development

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